Tuesday, April 8, 2008

HtmlUnit 2.0 is out

The team is very glad to announce the release of HtmlUnit 2.0, which is an Open Source headless java browser that simulates Internet Explorer and Firefox.

By this release, HtmlUnit has achieved a significant step in the road to fully support AJAX and JavaScript, it now passes all Google Web Toolkit 1.4.60 tests.

Out of various enhancements, the following are the most important:

  1. The codebase migration to Java 5, with heavy usage of generics
  2. Implementation W3C DOM, so it can be used with other libraries
  3. Better XPath support, by switching to Xalan instead of Jaxen
  4. Few incompatible changes, all documented in the changes list
  5. Improved support for incorrect HTML code

It wouldn't have made its way to the light unless contributions are provided particularly by Marc Guillemot and Daniel Gredler, in addition to others.