Saturday, April 25, 2009

Who said fitness isn't fun?

After 10 years, the only thing I strongly recall from the study of the physiology of the respiratory system, is that people are classified into two groups: athlete and non-athlete. It was so repeated whenever a function of that system is discussed.

However, even if you know, it doesn't mean you will comply. Sedentary lifestyle is one of the main points I personally suffered from, and doing exercise outdoors or indoors isn't much fun.

That was till someone brought a game to play to one of the company's social activities; there is no joystick, you ARE the control of the game; if you want to move forward, you actually have to bend forward, and so on.

One day later, I was configuring the game at home, and I was amazed by how the remote control works, it is like no other: when you actually move the remote to the right, it is like PC mouse that works on-air!

One week later, I am very pleased that you can play Yoga, Balance Games, and Aerobics till you are physically tired, not because you spend too much time staring at the monitor and playing with the traditional joystick.

Wii Fit, I love you!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

HtmlUnit 2.5 is out

It is a pleasure to announce the new release of HtmlUnit, the GUI-Less java browser, which adds to the continuous improvements there.

The main enhancements of this release:

You can download it here, enjoy!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Java on Google App Engine

Exciting news: Google just announced the Java support for App Engine (in addition to Python), now you can host it in Google servers.

Java support is not very complete, but it is a good time to start building your applications.

You can read more information at App Engine Blog.