Monday, July 20, 2009

Eclipse Galileo Property Testers complete list

During extending Eclipse, you may encounter Property Testers, for example in Launch shortcuts extension point.

I wanted to have a list of all Property Testers already defined, in order not to reinvent the wheel. A small program was made to list all testers found in a specified Eclipse folder.

For reference, Galileo Property Testers are:

buildpathReference, contextlaunch, extendsClass, extendsInterface, hasMethod, hasMethodWithAnnotation, hasProjectNature, hasTypeWithAnnotation, isContainer, isPackageFragment, isPackageFragmentRoot, matchesContentType, projectNature, areBreakpointTypesAvailable, bundleState, canCreateWatchExpression, canLaunchAsJUnit, consoleTypeTest, contentGenerator, contentTypeId, done, editable, extension, fileMarker, getAvailableBreakpointType, getModelIdentifier, hasFilters, hasGroups, hasMain, hasTypeOnClasspath, inArchive, inExternalArchive, inSourceFolder, isActivityEnabled, isBundleInstalled, isCategoryEnabled, isInJavaProject, isInJavaProjectWithNature, isManaged, isMultiStrata, isOnClasspath, isPerspectiveOpen, isTerminatedOrDisconnected, isTest, languageName, launchable, matchesPattern, message, name, open, path, persistentProperty, priority, processTypeTest, product, projectNature, projectOption, projectPersistentProperty, projectSessionProperty, quickFix, readOnly, refactoringPropertiesEnabled, resourceType, reuseEditor, sessionProperty, severity, superType, and type.

You can also list the associated namespace, type, class, and jar or folder location using the snippet here.

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