Friday, September 4, 2009

HtmlUnit 2.6 is out

It is always a pleasure to announce a new release of HtmlUnit.

The main enhancements of this release:

  • Use cache for all kinds of (cacheable) content

  • Fix many issues with (de)serialization

  • Add a mechanism to save complete page along with images

  • Add support for Proxy Auto-Config

  • Better support for XHTML pages

  • And as usual, various bug fixes

You can download it here, enjoy!


bobby said...
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bobby said...

What happened to XMLElement? The doc says it's deprecated, but doesn't say what to use in it's place.

Ahmed Ashour said...

Element should be used instead. Please don't hesitate to ask such questions to the user-list

USTA 3.5 Group said...

I recently updated htmlUnit to version 2.6. I am getting the following error, when a javascript is run. The javaScript takes an element and then traverse the parents to find its parent FORM and then perform a submit action. I have used Firebug and verified that the specific element is part of a form. I also, placed alerts in javaScript and then captured the alert in htmlUnit and verified that javaScript thru htmlUnit is unable to find the Parent FORM. Any ideas?? I've attached the htmlPage. HtmlUnit error is thrown when "save_button" is clicked. Same error with "add_button" and "cancel_button" is clicked. The application is working fine with IE 7 and Firefox 3.5.5. With embedded alerts, FF and IE are able to find the form.
The exception is receive thru htmlUnit is "Exception: 'TypeError: Cannot call method "toLowerCase" of undefined". I also tried htmlUnit-2.7 SNAPSHOT jars. Please help ??

Ahmed Ashour said...

Hello, please provide minimal test case to the user-list

john said...

XX-XXX-XXXX 03:35:01 com.gargoylesoftware.htmlunit.
IncorrectnessListenerImpl notify
WARNING: Obsolete content type encountered: 'text/javascript'.

I get this error repeatedly while trying to scrape test few sites
using htmlUnit. I tried Web-harvest that does scrape few and doesnt
do for others.Same is the case with HtmlUnit. Problem lies
web-harvest does scrape ones not done by htmlUnit and visa versa.

What is the above problem in HtmlUnit. I thought HtmlUnit is
better than Web-Harvest, but know getting this error .....

vajihe said...

hello. I want to extract Html tags content from html page using with Htmlunit. but I don't know how? Can you help me?

Ahmed Ashour said...

Please post your questions to the HtmlUnit user-list