Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Google Arabia Jobs!

Without question, Google is one of the most attractive companies to work for, enough to say you would interact with very brilliant brains, and 20 percent of work time is allocated to investigate your brightest idea!

Google seems to be always searching, and Google Arabia is also hiring.


Umair said...

AsSalamu alikum sir

My name is Umair Noor i am now working in Google India office as a Research Analyst for anew project . I am a muslim by birth and have a keen desire to work in Google Arabia office . Can u plz guide me on the requirements and the hiring procedures and employment opportunities. i have completed my BBA and have some computers certifications also with fluent english.I can be reached at

Ahmed Ashour said...

Walaikom AlSalam Umair,

Everything is posted into the website, have a look there please.